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ECO has developed robust systems and tools to execute on light and heavy duty alternative fuel conversion system certification. Our team is well versed in the space of add-on and hybrid systems. Some of the key issues to consider for anyone looking to have their add-on conversion system EPA and CARB certified are listed here, they include;

  • New & Intermediate Useful Life Program Application Changes & Requirements
  • Outside Useful Life Demonstration Requirements
  • Tier 3 DF 150k Updates, Emission Standard Updates
  • OEM Test Group Analysis to Limit Testing Requirements
  • CARB Aftermarket Conversion EO Program Development
  • Certification Fee Refund Management

Certification for new alternative fueled engines and vehicles can be very different. As the industry moves towards a variety of hybrid and alternative fuel solutions, we are here to help you beat the competition to market. The regulatory agencies are encountering some of your technology for the first time, and this can make the process even more difficult. ECO, Inc. provides you with the ability to socialize your technology to the agencies and develop productive relationships with your certification representatives. Key issues to consider when embarking on a certification effort for new alternative fuel engines and vehicles are listed here;

  • Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas Testing & Reporting Requirements (N2O, CH4, CO2)
  • AB&T Programs
  • Heavy-Duty OBD 2018 CARB Phase in, 2019 EPA Phase In
  • Light-Duty Test Lab Part 1066 Qualification Requirements & Manufacturer Obligations
  • Heavy-Duty Evaporative Testing Requirements & Resources
  • AECD’s

When you are ready to continue on your pathway to certification for your alternative fuel system or vehicle, please be sure to contact us.